Helping vulnerable people regain autonomy and maximize quality of life
An expertise in motion technology serving Health & Wellness
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At KINESIQ, we develop and market products and services that integrate motion technologies aiming to improve health, wellness and quality of life. We also combine music therapy, video therapy and kinesthetic therapy, addressing simultaneously the body and mind.

Our Team

Lukas Dufault

Lukas Dufault

L.L.B, D. Fisc.

Lawyer in commercial and civil law and member of the Bar, he has over 15 years of experience in business management and business development. In recent years, Mr. Dufault has specialized in developing new international markets related to motion technologies.

Lukas Dufault
Laurent Hirsch

Laurent Hirsch

With over 30 years of business development experience, Mr. Hirsch sits on various Boards related to aging population and vulnerable people such as the Silver Valley, the ASIPAG, CNR Health, France Silver Eco as well as other organizations related to Alzheimer's disease, in France and in Canada. He is also the Co- Founder of Link Care Services.

Laurent Hirsch
Vice-President, Business Development


Provide solutions that enhance autonomy, improve health and quality of life for all, through the use of technology.


Develop motion systems, equipment and content, aiming to improve people’s physical and mental health. We want our products and services to be attractive, easy to use, efficient and adapted to clients of all ages, allowing them to remain active, productive and independent.

Fields of Intervention